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About Our Service

What a Peer Mentor is and how they can help you

What is Peer Mentoring?

Peer mentoring is a form of mentorship that usually takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience (peer mentor) and a person who is new to that experience (the peer mentee). Peer mentoring is available to you either through one-on-one sessions, phone calls, texts or email to help you understand treatment, sharing your status and improving relationships with friends, loved ones and family. We can provide you with support from a trained volunteer who is living with HIV and who will listen to you and support you with your concerns.

Holding Hands

How can a Peer Mentor help me?

ease fears

Understand your treatment and ease fear

building trust

Help you build trust, resilience and reduce isolation


Networking and education

living with hiv

Increase your understanding of living with HIV

healthy life

Understand you can live a full and healthy life

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